Langley Picture Books of the Year

Here is a list of the Picture Books of the Year. Click on the image to view a trailer about the book!

Debut author/illustrator Steele communicates her message that “normal” is in the eye of the beholder without a whiff of preachiness. This charming picture book celebrates all our differences while questioning the idea that there is one way to be “normal.” A wonderful springboard for conversations with children about diversity and difference.
In this celebration of the chance happenings in life that inspire us, Willems presents an artfully written dedication to the power of music and those who live for it. An iconic book not only for musicians and music lovers but also for anyone wishing to celebrate those who came before them and those who come after.In this picture book based on a true story, a youth finds her place as a hula warrior and brings to light the Hawaiian tradition of valuing those who are māhū, or nonbinary. Teacher and activist Kumu Hina creates a place of safety and acceptance, encouraging her students to treat others with respect. Hoʻonani’s courage to be true to herself and her place in the middle is empowering.

This book has taken a common childhood problem and used it to explain how coding works. An excellent, age-appropriate introduction to the world of coding, with a narrative readers will enjoy regardless of if they have ever worked with code!

In this exuberant companion to If I Built a Car, a boy fantasizes about his dream school–from classroom to cafeteria to library to playground. A very fun and entertaining read!

This picture book is inspired by the true story of Mary Edwards Walker, a trailblazing 19th century doctor who was arrested many times for wearing pants. This bold, original picture book encourages readers to think for themselves while gently challenging societal norms. Sure to generate interesting discussions!

A colorful story about celebrating difference as complementary and transformative, with a simple and straightforward approach to confronting discrimination. Offers children and adults excellent moments for discussion and personal growth.

Fairy-tale fun for frog fans! Urbanovic has crafted an entertaining tale that is a twist on an old favorite.

The author’s true story of her friendship with her service dog. Rescue, a young pup is training to become a service dog, learning to fetch things, to open doors, and even to turn on lights. Jessica is recovering from an injury to both of her legs and is getting acclimated to using prosthetics and walking again. Each is worried about their skills and their futures, but when they are eventually paired, it is an instant connection and realization that they can do so much together.

A silly read aloud with an important message. The knight’s journey reminds readers that instead of building walls, we should be tearing them down in order to understand who or what is on the other side.

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